Friday , February 22 2019
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Advantages of Elearning


One of the impacts of the credit crunch has been a fresh look at the potential of e-learning. We decided to take a look at some of the research and examine the benefits of e-learning, including evidence of: Lower costs Faster delivery More effective learning Lower environmental impact Lower cost? There appears to be little argument that e-learning can be more ... Read More »

New Classes soon…


The emerging need for more space and classes caused by the huge number of pupils that attend the school each year and that surpasses its normal capacity with at least 400 to 500 students, The authorities decided finally to start a building site as to add a set of four new classrooms and one big room that can become a library. ... Read More »

Teachers On strike

Teachers on strike

The school’s teachers went on strike after being patient for a long time. The school that hosts over 1800 students is in an urgent need for support. Much of the school’s infrastructure and furniture require fixing or renewal. The teachers called anyone who can help and mainly the authorities to intervene as soon as possible as to save the school ... Read More »

From Chalkboards to Chatboards


What will a classroom look like in fifty years? Hundreds of years ago, no one could have possibly imagined some of the exciting, effective learning technologies we have today. In just the last few decades, there have been dramatic technological advances that are changing the nature of the classroom, how students learn, and how teachers teach. Resources are more readily ... Read More »