Monday , July 16 2018


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This site has been created in partial fulfillment of the reimbursements of the Tech Age Teachers; Tunisia

This training was organised by IREX and Funded by Dream Blue Foundation. It main aim is to prepare a selected list of Tunisian teachers across the country to create and integrate new technologies in teaching in classes.

The training was divided in three phases by the end of each of them teachers were asked to present their own projects. Successful projects enable their holders to pass to the next phase.

This site is the fruit of Mr. Hamdi Nsir’s and his students efforts. We wish to succeed in promoting our school and introduce a new culture of creation and creativity for a brighter future for our country. Long live Tunisia.

For further details about the program you can visit the previously sited organizers’ sites or the facebook page of the program here or join the group here.

A photo of Tech Age Teachers - Nabeul

A photo of Tech Age Teachers – Nabeul

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