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Useful Tools
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For the creation of this site many tools and software were used. Here is a list of most of them if one wants to start his personal or institution’s website.


1. WordPress (CMS: Content Management System), You can use it to create your site with no prior knowledge of coding and programming. A wide range of themes are available for downlaod on the net. Just google it. The framework itself can be found here.

The framework can be highly enriched by thousands of add-ons and plugins that can be easily added to your site.

2. (Free Image Editing software) and you can download it from here.

It is a light and quite effective soft that can produce eye-catching photos like any other expensive ones such as Adobe photoshop.

3. Matchware Mediator: (Authoring software with which you can start your journey with elearning application creation). The software can export flash or executable files. It is also possible to create your own Cds with interactive menus and auto launching capabilities. The demo version should work and respond to a beginner and pre-intermediate user. If you like it you can purchase it. Further details and educational uses of the application can be found in the developer site from here.

4- Windows Movie Maker: A basic video editing software that help in creating storytelling and video files by compiling pictures, videos, voice, sounds… The resulting video can be exported in different formats including HD. You can download it from here.

5- Netquiz: a software that makes it possible to design exercises, games or formative tests and post them online. It does not require any programming knowledge. Images, tests, sounds and video sequences can be included in every type of question and many different parameters can be customized. Check the developer website at this link to download the it and get extra help and ideas.

A few more other applications were used occasionally for the creation of this site. Feel free to contact us and we will provide you with further details if you like to start your own site.