Friday , May 25 2018
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Chaos at School on the First day of the test week


Because of the decision by the Tunisian teachers in not to supervise tests until the the ministry responds to their requests, the students themselves refused to come to classes and study. Here are some of today’s pictures that show the troubles and the mess. Fortunately, no accidents took place. Photos Taken By : Hazem Read More »

KPS At IREX Training with two teachers


Korba Prep School was represented in the teachers’ training entitled “Tech Age Teachers” organized by IREX with two of its teachers. Both are teachers of english: Mr Hamdi Nsir and Mrs. Mariem Baghdadi. The training was a great opportunity to explore the wide world of new technologies and the different ways of integrating them in classes. Two Tech Clubs were formed ... Read More »

Korba Prep School and winter


Our school and winter.. a good title for a dramatic story. It has been years ago since the infrastructure and the available equipment at the school is no longer resistant to the weather changes. Each time it rains, the situation becomes unbearable and the first victims are our children. Then comes the critical question: aren’t we going to take the ... Read More »

A new headmaster


After years on the head of Korba Prep school, Mrs. Houria Bousaa left the position and Mr. Abd el Fattah Belhadj Salah came to take the responsibility of the school with lots of challenges waiting for him. Mr. Abd el Fattah has been a teacher for long years and he also worked as a headmaster in one of Hammaet’s prep school. We ... Read More »

Using videos in the classroom


Teaching English as a second language , nowadays , is facing a lot of changes which are imposed, either directly or indirectly by the current needs of the digital era .It’s more than true that we are living in an age that is controlled in all its aspects digitally. No matter how proficient is the teacher in this domain , ... Read More »